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Octane Booster

Octane Booster


 Reduce fuel consumption
 Fuel Process Improvement
 Maximizing engine performance
 Prevent premature ingition
 Increase the octane number and cause to gasoline improved combustion
 Reducing for all petrol vehicles with catalytic converters
 Reduced engine noise and vibration from unconventional sediments
 Maximizes the engine power


Do not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.keep out of reach of children.
keep away from heat sparks or open flame.Contains Petroleum Distillates. COMBUSTIBLE


Pour the content of 1 bottle in the fuel tank.
one bottle treats 30-40 Liters of fuel.Do not use in 2-cycle engines.


The liquid regulator called ripping engine and prevent the engine and cause it becomes smooth operation with improved engine performance problems destroyed its erratic performance and reduced engine noise. Also, another advantage of the product due to irrigation valves and help complete opening and closing valves in addition to timely and adequate oxygenation at the time of valve opening and closing the valve completely and prevent fuel from waste makes use of the air-fuel mixture has been produced and the maximum force itself. Increasing fuel octane number gasoline resistance against pressure and ignition advance and free up the maximum energy reduces fuel consumption and increases engine power Brd.zmna of Ayjadrsvb and plaque in the fuel system, the chamber ignition, injector and spark plug prevents the valve. The cleaning liquid caused soot deposits on the spark plug leads to the establishment of a so-called continuous single engine ignition prevents continuous loss of fuel into the combustion chamber (damp forest) prevented and causing complete combustion of fuel and power generation is complete. This fully air-fuel mixture with productivity and energy release leads to reduced fuel consumption. Meanwhile, cars with clean engine worked softer and less fuel consumed.

The best chemical product available on the market